About Us

5min. two bodies and the soul of a great traveller, explorer of classics and of religions, dancer on stage of fashion and of photography, cool hunter ever since.

5min. cooperates with important brands from the world of fashion and design, creates its own works.


5min. invents nothing, frames, mixes, weaves. 5min. a passion of the moment, of a season, a hobby born to turn energy and creativity into small things, small tangible passions. This is the reason why we have transformed African talismans into metropolitan fetish, Sicilian caps into emboroidered hats, and lately, the Kefiah, typical middleastern men's hat into a cult object. We imported it, we decolourized it, overdyed it, we combined it with vintage scarves or with typical printed silks from the "Como" tradition. We embroidered it with wool and lamè, with small coins and metal rings, with glass beads and natural gemstones. We also hand printed it as if a tablecloth from Emilia Romagna.


5min. Transforms objects in Milan.

Contact us    Tel. +39.339.5473615    info@5-min.it